Chaos photo challenge

Yea, this picture looks perfect how does this fit with the theme for today?
The Process is chaotic. Going down to the basement and lugging up the box with the 6ft Christmas tree. Pulling out all the branches, separating them according to colour except for the few that lost the little sticker on the end so guessing by size. Then once it is finally up making sure the branches are equally full…yeah did I mention I get this perfectionism from my Dad. Now go upstairs and carry down the two boxes of ornaments and place them on the tree and according to colour because the red and white ones have to be spaced equal distance apart…according to Mom. My brother tried to help once and well I redid it after. He just thought you put them on willy nilly. Tinsel next.
All done now to vacuum the tinsel and the bits of greenery that falls off.
Christmas isn’t the commercials or movies that you see on tv. It’s the rushing around finding presents. Wrapping them and hoping like heck You have enough tape and labels for the gifts.
It’s chaotic but somehow like the tree and the presents under the tree it comes together like magic.

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