Relishing in ME time

On Friday I was out running errands. Stopped at Shoppers Drug Mart. When I went to pay I see the latest Oprah magazine with the Christmas list so I throw it in. When Mom was in the hospital I would bring her the paper to read. A magazine was about all I had time to read, now I can savour it. I had to wait at hairdressers so I flipped to the list of Oprahs favourite things. This is the first year that she has things at a price point I could afford. It’s funny how I will flip through and realize I didn’t need that item until I saw it. A travel roll for keeping cord chargers for cellphone, iPads etc.
After I was finished errands I went to Starbucks. When I went with Mom we always went to Tim Hortons because neither of us were Starbucks fans but I really like this one because they have good customer service. The booths are so comfortable too!

They know have a boatload of bazaars being advertised. They have a Christmas walk in two weeks. Downtown merchants have apple cider, goodies and sales to bring you into the store. I like checking out bazaars even though I don’t always buy anything. A couple of my friends have their own businesses and they both are big on supporting local businesses.

Yesterday a friend of mine went to hear a reading at the museum by Emma Donahue. Today I’m going to the event to hear the guy that hosts The Agenda on TVO. There is also a local author book fair and will check that out. There was a writing workshop starting in 15 minutes. Yeah getting up for 9AM on a Sunday even with the time change would have been a challenge.

I have a couple of people comment on how my blog has changed. How they can see that it’s not a sad, I’m looking forward. Being in a different place helps a lot. I was ready to have less responsibilities.
I know my Mom would be happy that I have time for myself because it’s what she wanted.

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