What started out as a peaceful Sunday…

I wrote yesterday that I was going to an event at Museum London. I left a little after 10AM. It’s a short walk and on the way I got to see the leaves changing colour and the leaves crunching under my feet. It was a perfect fall day, warm enough for a spring coat and sunny.
I caught the tail end of a talk by two writers talking about how they bring the local scene into their writing. One woman is a scholar and a journalism student asked how she balances the two. The one woman talked about activism and it made me think about our reasons for writing.
Steve Paikin came in with the former mayor of our city. Her husband came too and I overheard someone talk about his legal stuff. We have had two mayors since…move on. Steve is exactly like the person you see on tv. I sat there listening to him thinking about my Dad. He wrote a book about Bill Davis the premier of Ontario (before I was born) and I thought how little I know about that part of politics. I remember my grandfather talking about Peterson but that was just before we were old enough to vote. What a great storyteller he is. In the Q and A one guy started out saying how he calls himself a nerd and is humble and how he stays that way. He was signing books afterwards and while he was on stage he signed Anne’s. While I watched him I could tell you the answer. He didn’t just sign his name he took the time to write something in it.
It ended at 12 so I walked to the market to get something for lunch. I got quiche something I don’t make for myself. They sell slices which is great. Picked up some vegetables too. Even passed my friend’s husband who was going to a hockey game. He asked how I was enjoying apartment living.
A couple of irksome things. When I was telling a friend about going she said she doesn’t watch The Agenda anymore because he gave false facts about teachers. Unfortunately in our society many people believe it’s an easy job because they get two months off. They can strike which also leads to differences of opinions. In my opinion every journalist has a bias. We all have to make up our own minds. I read the paper but it doesn’t mean I believe everything I read there. My two cents worth.
Last night just before I was going to put some rice on the stove for dinner the fire alarm went off. We just had a drill a couple of days before and it being Sunday I knew ok this is real. It was a little chilly outside but thankfully it didn’t take long. A pot left on stove so it was mostly just smoke. One of the firefighters said talk amongst yourselves. It is a weird way to meet the people in the building but it’s how I have.
That was my day.

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