No Second Thoughts

Second Thoughts
One can’t go through life without getting hurt or hurting someone else. Have there been times in my life where I have had second thoughts about something…sure. There have been times when I think will I regret this afterwards and sometimes it turns out for the best and sometimes it doesn’t. Going with my gut instinct is rarely wrong.
In my life I have given people second chances. I have learned that it doesn’t turn into a good thing. You know the saying when people show you who you are believe them (I’m probably paraphrasing) it’s true.
Coming home from the twinless twins conference I will admit I had second thoughts about going. I felt I didn’t learn anything to help me. I don’t discuss how my twin died because it was very public and I don’t want to be known for that but it’s the first thing people ask. After 10 years I think the money I spent attending could be used to honour her differently.
Because my twin died young and I have lost both my parents I have learned that life is short. Too short to live with drama or regrets.


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