Too many passwords

This could definitely be in the irksome prompt too!
Before I got internet the only numbers I had to remember were for my debit card and my library card because there is a 4 digit number to use to log in. It’s a combination only I would know. Janet used a combination of numbers for something and I now use the same number for my voicemail.
When we got On Demand we used Moms Birthday. The day plus the year. Her debit card was her anniversary. I can put that down because it’s not activated. Plus only I know when it is. I had to know the number in case I had to pick up prescriptions for her. I teased her sometimes that she was very trusting leaving me with the opportunity to take out money.
I have a password to log in to my email accounts. A combination of letters and numbers. One for Amazon, one for my bank accounts.
The other day I lost connection to internet and had to re-enter the passsword and ID key. I had half of it but couldn’t find the password. I have it written down now plus the phone number! Oh yes and a password for Bell to look up my account.
But we mustn’t forget there are other numbers. I got a new phone number when I moved. For privacy so I no longer get phone calls from my Moms church. When I went to buy furniture they put my address and phone number in and it took me a second to remember because for 40 years I had a different number. The last four digits are my buzz code. I still go to address an envelope with my old address. The first time I filled out the address line for ordering something on Amazon I didn’t know how to do it. Some have the apartment and street on two separate lines too.
I also just recently got a new smart phone and a new number. The sales guy put the number in contacts under ME so if someone asks I can now look it up. I couldn’t tell you what it is. My Dr office asked if I had one and I just told them no because I have voice mail I don’t need to be that accessible!
I could still tell you what my grandparents phone number was even though I haven’t called it for 25 years. Just like I will always remember the number I had for 41 years. It’s too bad we can’t still use them to call the people we love.


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