Primp daily prompt

According to the dictionary the definition is to groom, tidy. I would hope we all do that. But that isn’t really what I think of when I see that word. It makes me think of standing in front of the mirror admiring oneself.
Right now I am still in my pjs. Not literally pjs…pyjama bottoms and an oversized white t shirt. A friend is coming for coffee and timbits this afternoon so I’ll just hang out it this and shower and change after lunch.
I’m not the primping sort. Like my parents the only time I really did is if we were going out somewhere usually for dinner. I didn’t wear makeup fully until I was in my mid twenties. And even now I only wear foundation and lipstick. I use it to cover up redness and to give me colour. I dye my hair because I have white hair.
When my brother got engaged I decided to grow out my hair so I could do something with it for the wedding. My parents hated it. A friend of mine told me good for you for sticking it out. I cut it to a chin length bob after. I got a haircut recently and I hate it but I keep telling myself it’s only hair and it will grow.
Speaking of hair I have to go and sweep the bathroom of the hair that I shed.


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