Chatting over coffee

Yesterday my friend DJ came for our monthly coffee get together. We missed October because with writing class, appointments and her teaching and coaching track we couldn’t fit it in. Living in an apartment there is a lot less room to clean so we had it at my place. I did have to wipe down the sticky counters and make sure bathroom sparkled.
Because I live across from the elevator I can hear it open so I poked my head out. She had been here before but always with me so she couldn’t remember the exact number. This is really the first time she has come as a guest. She said it’s homey and I said yeah I finally feel settled now. Oh not finished since the dining room needs “something”.
I set the table using paper towel for napkins as I don’t have any. Hmm that’ll go on the list too. Since I have a Keurig it’s easy, just pop it in.
Of course we got talking about the US election. Yes we are Canadian but it affects us. Climate, trade, border security, economy. Because our dollar is valued against the US dollar. We both sat at the table saying I don’t think that could happen here but I thought last night that I know of people that are that bigoted. Janet and I helped with campaigns and the good politicians understand that they are elected by the people to SERVE. They give up time away from their family to make things better.
My friend was finally able to tell me the story about something that happened the day after the celebration of life for Janet. For privacy reasons I can’t write it here but she said she knew it was Janet talking to her. Telling her I know what you all did last night. It was all I could do not to cry.
As she was leaving I gave her a hug and said next time we get together it will be Christmas. She looked at me in horror because I could tell she hadn’t started. Reinforced when I told her I have bought Christmas presents and she stuck her tongue out at me. I’m not really sure about her gift yet because she has helped me a lot this year and I want to get her something special. Last year I framed a picture of us and bought a frame that says FRIENDS.
But true friends are great because they apppreciate any gift because it’s given from the heart.


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