Now that some of the shock has worn off at the results of the US election I have been talking to a few friends about it. I told one friend that I was brought up that no matter who won you respect the fact that the person was elected to represent everyone. My Dads family didn’t believe in the saying not to discuss politics or religion at the table. We were also brought up to make an informed decision. Don’t just read the paper, watch the news listen to what the candidates are going to do.
I have friends that are every political stripe. I don’t always believe in their points of view but I respect that it is theirs. We all have different issues that are important to us. Health care took on a whole new meaning when my Dad had cancer and my Mom needed services.
When I first joined Facebook I just thought it was a place to connect with friends. Almost 10 years later it is way more than that. It is a place where people feel they can say whatever they want. I’m not going to say I’m perfect because I have posted things on my page that other people may not agree with but I have learned not to debate with people anymore. It just isn’t worth it.
My fathers eldest brother embodies everything Trump stands for…power, bigotry and little respect for women. But in the course of looking after my Mothers estate every man that I came in contact with treated me the same way. Because I’m a woman I am incapable of doing this. I am so thankful that I do have male friends that don’t believe this. And for any males raising daughters teach them that there are no such things as women roles or men roles.
We also have to respect people’s choices. When I went to bereavement group one of the leaders said we don’t should on other people. You should be better etc. It’s very freeing. But I also realize that it means I shouldn’t do it to someone else. I’m not perfect. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt but my patience is a lot thinner now than it used to be.


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