The week that was

This has been an up and down week for me. The good out ways the bad. Facebook has become sort of free for all and a very depressing state of affairs.
On Thursday I was feeling very sad about how people were treating one another. I happened to turn on The Marilyn Dennis Show on CTV out of Toronto. The designer had a segment on new products for a bathroom. Instead of having tiles you have one big slab for the shower…no grout lines. I thought it was ugly but the right kind of tile might look better. He had a handheld showerhead that attached to the wall by a magnet. Having used one for Mom that would be an awesome idea. Ours was way too long. Next he goes over to the toilet. I’m sitting watching thinking what’s the big deal about a toilet? ITS SELF CLEANING!! At this point I’m laughing out loud because it was the one chore my sister would not do. That’s gross! But you use it don’t you Mom would answer. Truth be told I rarely cleaned a toilet either but I would often clean the one upstairs while mom did the powder room. I now have two bathrooms so I’m the only one that’s going to be cleaning them. Mom always had two bottles of cleaner on hand. One for upstairs and one for down. I have one in one bathroom and one in another.
There are two buttons for the self cleaning feature. He described it that the one minute button is for unexpected guests. You discreetly go into the bathroom turn it on and it’s all clean. There is also a nine minute button. He described that as the one for the specific Uncle who takes the paper into the bathroom. At this point I am laughing so hard tears are running down. I couldn’t believe he described it like that on television.
That evening I texted my friend this story and she texts back I’m laughing out loud in the middle of the mall. She and I have the same sense of humour.
But I also realized that my friend and I were talking about signs from Janet. This was Janet saying see I can still make you laugh. Why did I HAPPEN to turn it on right at that moment. He happened to pick THAT product.
I needed to be reminded that love lives on. Love will shine through…always.

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