It’s more than coffee

I don’t remember when we started going for coffee with my friend DK. She used to live at the other end of our street and there was a Tim Hortons at the corner. We would meet the third Saturday of the month. One time she slept in so Janet walked down and she was so embarrassed quickly threw on some clothes and came. Then we went to Red Roaster in Wortley Village and it closed too.
If I went by myself I went to the one in the library. I liked to sit and journal, listen to the hum around me. This is where we would meet a friend because it was halfway.
My Mom and I would always stop for coffee and treat after grocery shopping on Thursday. We didn’t have a coffee maker so this was our coffee time.
Coffee is meant to be shared. I now get together with my cousin for coffee. We go to the one that is convenient. We laugh at family stories, memories.
I have what a call a coffee station. The cupboard above my keurig holds mugs, powdered creamer, sugar twin, coffee, my travel mug and Christmas plates (plastic) and napkins. That’s where I stashed them. Sometimes I have two cups in a day. I’m now at the age where I have to have decaf after 5pm.
I bought coffee ornaments from Starbucks for my tree about 5 years ago. We always went at Christmas and had hot chocolate. Although I learned that putting red and green sprinkles on whipped cream may look pretty at first but you end up with a grey drink at the end. When my friend comes to visit I bought hot chocolate for keurig and I will buy a can of whipped cream.
Can’t wait!

3 thoughts on “It’s more than coffee

  1. I love the “coffee” experience as well. Although I no longer can drink coffee, so I’ve resorted to tea.

    But it is the joy of companionship (sitting down with a cuppa with my husband), or the bliss of alone-time (at Starbucks waiting for a child to finish up an activity), or the excitement of catching up with old friends that make the experience more than just a cup of coffee.

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