Growing up my immediate family would be classified as middle class. My grandfather worked at parkwood and my grandmother was a receptionist at Victoria hospital. By the time we came along they were nearing retirement. They took many trips together, enjoyed going out to eat and buying the occasional treat for their grandchildren. My Dad was a letter carrier and my Mom was able to stay at home and look after three kids.
I still remember going to the bank to open my first account in my name. I think we were 13. When we went with Mom to her bank we were nobodies because we didn’t have an account there. But I’ve also come in contact with the financial planners who all they see is dollar signs. Nobody is going to understand what the money really represents is being an orphan.
We used to go out to the poshest restaurants with Dads siblings once a year. I would sit there thinking oh this is how the upper class gets treated. But I didn’t like it. I naively thought everyone should be treated equally in the world regardless of how much money you have. Dealing with my
Moms estate I quickly learned the world doesn’t work that way. People treat me differently and yet I’m the same person. I’m the person that grew up with parents who taught me the value of money. The money provides me with a nice home and the opportunity to share it a little with friends. This year I don’t have a budget for Christmas gifts. Im going to enjoy spending. I love seeing the look on someone’s face when I find the perfect gift. That’s priceless.


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