Christmas 1976
I don’t need a picture to describe the magic of
Christmas. Obviously I don’t remember this picture being taken but it represents everything Christmas was growing up…stockings made by grandma placed on the mantle, presents, family and love. Being so excited that I couldn’t sleep the night before. Running down the stairs to see what Santa brought. That’s part of the magic too is believing that Santa ate the cookies. And knowing that my Dad who was very practical ate the cookies so we would believe. My grandparents got us red sleds for Christmas. They put them out on the balcony and told us Santa left them. How much fun we had with those sleds.
I could have posted a photo of our tree. When I put the ornaments on I can remember when we got them or i remember who gave them to us. Putting our names on the tree is always going to be hard now. I didn’t put up a tree the year my Dad died or last year.
Next Friday is the lighting of the lights at Victoria Park. I went with a friend to the observation deck at city hall one year. It’s so beautiful you can see the entire park. The magical thing this year will be sharing it with my friend.

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