It started snowing about the time that I went to bed and by morning the ground was covered. We are expected to get up to 20 cm. A few years ago Mom hired a company to shovel the driveway. They phoned last year around October wondering if I still wanted it. They even shovel the porches. It was such a relief not to have to go outside in -25 degree Celsius weather to shovel.
Now I live in an apartment and I am so glad I don’t have to bag leaves anymore or shovel snow or take the garbage out in the winter to the curb. I just put it down the garbage chute.
It’s a little over a month until Christmas and I have a good start on presents. I’ll probably put my Christmas decorations on my bookcase. I do miss the mantle. My Dad wouldn’t let us decorate the mantle so after he died I did. We have a huge window in the living room in our house so the tree went there. Now the tree will go in front of the patio door.
I’m actually looking forward to winter. The chance to slow down. I have been running for over a year, playing catch up on some things that I put off. I do miss going to writing class. They don’t hold one until the spring due to weather. It could snow, freeze rain and sometimes both. It’s something to look forward to.


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