There isn’t much on tv Sunday night so I often watch a movie On Demand. The new releases were a choice of crude comedies or comic book action movies. I went to the search area and found a movie titled LOVE HAPPENS. I had never heard of it so did a google search. I also watched the preview because I have gotten caught thinking it sounds ok and it turns out different than the write up. It looked like a sweet movie so I thought what the heck.
It’s about a guy that is based on Tony Robbins…a self help guru. It’s a grief workshop. All the while the guy is masking his own grief.
I read some of the reviews and they called it a tepid romance. I thought it was just right. There is a part in the movie where a man who really doesn’t want to be there gets angry because his son will never get to grow up and do the things that he thought he would do with him. He’s was a contractor but gave it all up after his son died. So they go on a field trip to thr hardware store. One woman comes around the corner with a tool belt. He picks up a hammer and hold it in his hand. He smiles. Complete strangers who came together in their grief to help someone get back on his feet. It’s why so many people commented when I posted that I was moving or when I would post photos of my new furniture. They have been with me through the ups and downs.
The movie doesn’t have a happy ending like you would think. It’s more of a new start for both of them. Totally relatable.


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