Between there and here

Mind the Gap
The discover challenge for this week is MIND THE GAP. I was thinking this over and I thought about how when I share memories about my family here the gap becomes smaller. It’s like they are sitting beside me sharing in the laughter.
The past couple of days they have been advertising a Christmas special on Global for the PC insiders collection. They have maple bacon popcorn. This made me think of how every time we went to a festival in the city with Dad I had to buy caramel popcorn to share with Dad. My siblings liked the plain bettter so this was something I shared with Dad.
My Dad was the hardest person to buy for at Christmas time. There were years he would go out two or three weeks before Christmas and buy a new pair of slippers or a new shirt and we would exclaim “DAD!! We could have bought you that!” On Christmas Day we would hand him his gift and after opening ask “how much did this cost you?” It’s a gift you’re not allowed to ask that. My Mom was the type of person who was happy with whatever you gave her. Although the funny thing is I’m using an item that I gave her that she never used. It’s a bag to keep your plastic bags. It has an elastic bottom so you can pull them out one at a time.
Tuesday is grocery delivery day. When he left I was putting the stuff away and realized I forgot to put freezer bags on the list and I was all out. Then I remembered I threw one in a bag when I moved. Yep, found it! My Mom always had supplies ahead. I found a 6 pack of paper towels and a big bag of toilet paper. When I moved I didn’t have to buy toilet paper for AGES! When my brother was sharing a house when he was in university he came home one weekend and raided our stuff knowing Mom always had stuff in the closet. We filled up a margarine container with laundry detergent for him. Although we both learned from Mom because we both have a closet with Kleenex, toilet paper etc.
When I share the memories I also know how much I was loved.

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