Not chaotic

Yesterday I did some vacuuming and a load of laundry…all in the morning. I can vacuum my entire apartment in no time at all. When I was looking after my parents and house I never seemed to get ahead unless we hired a cleaning company. There is something comforting about having order a place for everything.
It’s a month until Christmas Eve. Most years I would feel great stress about that. I do still have lots of time to buy gifts. I actually got an idea from tv. Monday I took recycling outside and noticed a sign in the elevator for a toy drive. I knew there was a reason I liked my building. I am blessed to be able to spend a little more this year so I will add that to the list. I’m going to pick out something for a boy because I know they say for Salvation Army that older boys are harder to buy for.
The word the other day was anticipation which I think is appropriate because I have been counting down the days until I see my friend since I found out she would be visiting her family this year. When I exchange with my friend DK we have done it at home the past few years. It’s so busy everywhere that it’s quieter. I have to put my tree up soon. Some of my friends already have theirs up. You shouldn’t have it up before advent. My Dad wouldn’t let us put it up until about two weeks before.
I haven’t decided whether I’m going to send out cards this year. I do have to buy a box because I need ones for friends I will be seeing. My Moms brother always gave her a slightly crude one so I’ve started doing it too.
Today is Thanksgiving for my American friends. Never understood why on all the cooking shows it’s three weeks of recipes, turkey to brine or not to brine, what to do if your pie is too runny etc. It’s just one day! Enjoy the chaos and eat lots of stuffing!

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