It’s not Christmas without

It’s Not This Time of Year Without…

A couple of years ago I wrote a poem for a Christmas party for writing class. I titled it Traditions.
Growing up the season wouldn’t be complete without cards, baking, a Christmas tree, presents, Christmas music. When we were teenagers we ushered for the Christmas Eve service. Afterwards we usually took a drive to look at the lights. Janet and I would often go for walks in our immediate neighbourhood. We would actually critique the houses…that one needs more bows or that one would look better with white lights instead of coloured.
Growing up we always had our dinner between 12 and 1 it gave us time to digest. We would graze in the afternoon and dig into Dads chocolates. At 6 or so we would have appetizers and a salad and squares.
It wouldn’t be Christmas morning without the Fireplace channel. It was a station that just showed a fire while Christmas carols played. My brother thought it was dumb but it was very soothing and this was my Dad’s tradition.
We also watched Days of our Lives hanging of the Christmas ornaments. Makes me cry every time. It doesn’t matter that the characters aren’t real it’s what it represents…family and the people that aren’t here. Janet and I bought ones at a Christmas bazaar at centennial hall many years ago. Now they take on a whole new meaning. The year Janet died my father didn’t understand why I was putting her name on the tree but since I was decorating I did it anyway. I purchased a Christmas in heaven ornament and that went at the back because I didn’t want anyone to know…only I did. The following year Dad asked if I put Janet’s name on the tree. I like to think now he knows why I did it.
The mice ornament is one I purchased a few year after she died. It was our tradition that I got her mice ornaments from hallmark. I saw this one and knew I had to get it. Of course the sales lady asked if it was a gift and I just said yes. I don’t tell anyone it’s in memory of my twin.
Now Christmas brings with it sadness. It always will because I miss my family. I miss sharing the season with them.
Christmas means spending it with friends. Going to see the lights in Victoria Park. Hot chocolate at Starbucks.
It’s not Christmas without LOVE


4 thoughts on “It’s not Christmas without

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  2. I know what you mean and my heart goes out to you as Christmas becomes a time of missing those no longer sharing our table but still as loved. I love the way you continue to remember your twin by putting her name on the tree. We are escaping Christmas this year but the next I might follow your example.

  3. I like the mouse sisters ordainment. I agree, it’s not Christmas without love. May your Christmas be filled with so much love there’s no room for sadness. Blessings, Phyllis

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