A friend of mine sent me a picture of my niece and my brothers wife sitting on the beach in matching swimsuits and underneath it’s titled “twinning”. When my niece was 6 months old they took her and her cousin to see Santa. They were accidentally wearing the same outfit. Of course everyone thought it was cute but I was reminded of Janet and I dressing alike for years. Memories of us when we were little. But these things continued. Other people would comment underneath “twinnies”.
It was so disrespectful because I am still a twin. It’s like it takes away what makes Twins special. But she’ll never get it.
In my family after Janet died we weren’t allowed to talk about her. Until I went to the Twinless Twins conference in Toronto I thought I was no longer a twin. It took me a long time to learn how to honour her. I didn’t care anymore if it made people uncomfortable because I was going to talk about her.
Maybe this is why this blog is so important. People used to say we were shy. Oh we always had things to say now I have a forum to do so.


2 thoughts on “Words

  1. As long as your sister is in you heart and thoughts, she still lives. Not talking about her kind of erasers her and hurts you. I glad you’re talking about her. If we were friends, I’d ask you about her because it’s part of getting to know you.

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