The theme for this weeks Discover challenge is lists. It’s interesting how people that live in a house think I don’t have as much to do as they do but I still have a list of things to do! Today I’m meeting with accountant and eventually I should do the legal stuff for myself. I have been doing this stuff for over a year and I don’t really want to think about it anymore but that’s also like sticking my head in the sand. It will give me piece of mind knowing stuff is taken care of.
I also need to go shopping. I don’t like going to the mall this time of year but my Uncle always bought my Mom a funny Christmas card and I want to continue the tradition with him. Shoppers Drug Mart used to carry a few but haven’t found any. I’m undecided about gifts for a couple people but I don’t like just waking aimlessly around the mall either.
Of course I still have to put up my tree. Probably this weekend. I have a few friends that have already put theirs up. It will be much easier this year because everything is in one place.
This time of year I would be bringing out the Christmas card list. Most of my friends I’m going to see anyway so I don’t need one. I do need to buy a box and that’s on the list too! I miss sitting at the table with Mom writing cards.
Everybody has lists.


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