Christmas decorating

This morning I saw another post by a friend on Facebook that has started their Christmas decorating. Good grief I feel like I’m behind. Growing up my Dad wouldn’t let us put decorations up until two weeks before Christmas. It’s a lot more fun as a child because Dad put up the tree and we just decorated, that was the fun part. Putting up the tree is not fun. I realized I have no where to plug in the lights because all the outlets are in use in the corners. Oh well some years I’m too lazy to put on lights anyway.

The pillows I purchased at Winners a couple of months ago. I also purchased a red plaid pillow with fur which I put on my chaise. My neighbour who went with me said “you’re getting ALL of them?!” The bookcase has all of the things that I put on the mantle. If you look closely the word for today is included in there. The mouse plays We wish you a Merry Christmas. For years I couldn’t play it because it made me cry. The little one I purchased in the States at a little gift shop in a restaurant. I told my friend that it would have been perfect for Janet and then I put it back. Then I thought what the heck am I doing I’m here to honour Janet because we were on our way to twins regional meeting so I bought it. The music box Janet bought.
I found some ornaments that I threw in the box and I’m going to have a lot of angels on the tree this year. My friend bought me a couple.
It’s funny that the word for the photo challenge yesterday was RELAX. This is the season where most of us feel stressed. I think I’m half and half. I haven’t finished shopping but I don’t have to worry about baking or shovelling snow or cooking a big meal anymore. I no longer have to worry whether my house is sparkling. Friends don’t care.
I did have to use a Christmas mug this morning because I have a collection of dirty mugs.

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