Green Christmas trees

I know that Christmas trees have nothing to do with the true message of Christmas but for me it’s still about having a traditional tree. It shouldn’t be white or pink or upside down. They now have what they call pencil ones so they can fit easily in a corner. Two of Dad’s sisters always got a real tree. We always had an artificial one but they’ve come a long way. My Dad never liked garland so we had tinsel. Our silver tinsel started getting the worse for wear but Mom couldn’t find silver so now I have red. It’s not the same.
My Mom always had red and white and now it’s considered rustic. It’s an eclectic tree with ornaments handed down, given to us, mice that I got for Janet and even a palm tree in memory of our Christmas cruise. I do think a white and gold theme looks classy but that’s for people who have a more opulent house.
When I was looking for an apartment I knew that I wanted to keep my tree. I also knew that it was going to be a criteria for finding a place that I would need to have storage for it and my two boxes of decorations. The tree was the only thing that Dad allowed us to have for decoration so it became the focal point of the room.
Traditions for me are sacred. The real things that are sacred are the memories.

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