This is what I call my “reading chair”. Because the pillow has fur on it and the chaise is vinyl it kept sliding off. I didn’t know where to put the bears so I thought maybe they would hold the pillow up. Don’t they look relaxed.
I posted my Christmas decorating photos on Facebook. A friend commented that my place looks so cozy. It made me feel good because that was the thing I worried about moving to an apartment whether it would look homey. This is MY place and it really has a sense of my style.
I have had a few people ask me what do I do with myself. All people that don’t know anything about computers so wouldn’t know what a blog is. What they don’t understand is I have been taking care of everyone else for 9 years. Yard work, a 4 bedroom house and Dr appointments for both of them. Then subsequently trying to find time to fit my own in there too. When my Mom died I was exhausted both physically and emotionally and after I moved I vowed that I would take the time to relax. It fits with the daily post for today too because the word is vanish. It’s what I wanted to do…hide away from the world.
Relaxing isn’t just for vacations we should find time to do it everyday


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