Tough Questions Discover Challenge

Tough Questions
Tough questions where do I begin?
1. How are you? This is a question that people ask in polite conversation. When we go into church and how are you today. When we go to the Doctor office and how are we today? Going to church I just told everyone fine even when I wasn’t because nobody wants to hear when life is hard.
But the really true friends will ask and mean it. Certain family members who start with the small talk. My cousin phones at lunch so of course we tell each other what we are having.
2. Do you have any siblings? This is a hard one now because it depends on the person. I remember a guy came to the home when we had homecare and he saw my family picture on the wall and thought Janet was me. Mom also got the question in hospital how many children she has. When I booked the room in September I told the woman just Janet because my other sibling isn’t in the picture.
3. For paperwork They have to check off the box for marital status. Single. Never married? I’m not really sure why that matters either way.
4. Guilt. This is something I’ve talked about with a friend recently. The need to do it all. When I was looking after the house I felt like I was letting my parents down but I knew I had to let some things go. Why do we think we can do it all?
5. WHY? Why is my family gone. Why do bad things happen to good people? Why is it some people just don’t get it.

Why do I have such wonderful people in my life. Now that isn’t a tough question. Because I’m loved.


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