Walking in the neighbourhood

It is a beautiful sunny day today so I decided to go and run a few errands. It’s a short walk to the nearest post office. As soon as I left the building I was hit by the cold air. I should have put my hood on! I knew it was cold because even the dogs had sweaters on.
I love looking in the windows of the stores especially at Christmas time. I knew the outlet opened at 9 but it was pretty dark so I tried the door. I bought a book of American stamps and one book of Canadian (to have on hand). Christmas or regular? Christmas. Santa or moose? Neither but I chose the moose. Both are kind of sacrilegious for a Christmas card.
I decided to walk down to the furniture/accessories store a couple stores down but I was pretty sure it wasn’t open since it opened at 10. I was looking in the window and the owner opened the door for me. I’m thinking of getting a mirror for the dining room to reflect light since there aren’t any windows. It has to be fairly modern though. I did see a couple that I liked but one was pretty expensive. Since it’s something I have to live with I’m just not sure.
I wandered around the store looking at the Christmas ornaments. Of course they had theme ones. There was one that was green, one that was silver and gold and obviously I gravitated to the red one. I immediately see it has mice on it. There were a couple different ones. And right beside it they had these ornaments that said Greatest Mom. Coincidence? That hit me.
When I went up to pay the owner said aren’t these cute. So I told him that I buy one in memory of my sister. He told me he has a friend and her thing was frogs. He totally got it.
There is something magical about Christmas this year. I can’t explain it.

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