I miss Christmas cards. The other day I saw a commercial for a company where you can print your own Christmas cards with photos. In the commercial the woman goes to the old fashioned mailbox at the end of the laneway and finds a stack of cards. It’s so unrealistic because we haven’t got a stack like that for YEARS. My Moms cousin still sends out a printed letter but it’s more bragging about his kids than anything.
My cousins used to send out cards with pictures of the kids or the family Christmas portrait. But they are all teenagers now so we no longer get them. One cousin did a collage but after Mom died I didn’t get one. Very sad because we are still family.
That’s the thing that is missing is the connection to someone else. My Dad had an Aunt that lived in western Canada and she adored receiving a letter from Mom about our highlights from the year. Last year I sent out cards to people on Moms list so that they would know she died. I receiver a lovely package from a friend of hers in BC.
It takes time to pick out a card and write a note inside. If you’re just going to write your name inside why bother? People say that they’ve stopped doing it because of cost but how much do you spend on gifts? Sure postage is expensive but it’s only once a year. I’m sending to a couple of twin friends in the states. Both are on Facebook but a letter is something they can reread. They are both special ladies who have sent me cards.
There is something comforting about carrying on the tradition that my Mom started.

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