Last night a twin friend of mine posted a picture of her and her twin sitting on Santa’s lap. It’s in black and white. I sat there thinking that was one thing my parents…ok my Mom never did. Maybe she didn’t like the idea of a lineup? Its interesting how universal traditions are. My friends have pictures of decorating gingerbread houses, decorating the tree with their kids, Christmas photos, Christmas pageants with video.
It’s why it hurt so much last year because I no longer had that. I was surrounded by all the memories of Christmas past but I was alone. It hurt too that I would be the only one to carry on the tradition of decorating the tree.
I was talking to a friend on Facebook yesterday and told her I put up the tree so that I can have them with me. It’s my way of honouring my family. I get to share it with a couple of friends this year in person. I’m sure it’s going to be hard to put these ornaments on the tree.
Last night I was watching Mary Poppins. I have seen it many, many times but it still makes me smile. It was the first time I noticed that Bert is left handed. I still remember watching it with my grandma and she said “how does he keep his pants up?” When he is dancing with the penguins. One of my favourite scenes.
My friend is going to see a play at the Grand when she comes. My Mom had season tickets and she would often buy us tickets for the Christmas play. Janet and I enjoyed going to the musical in the spring. It was usually early March and while it was cold outside it made us think spring was coming.
So many memories.

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