Christmas is coming

The time seems to be flying by at warp speed right now. A week tomorrow is gift exchange with a friend and then another friend will be visiting as well. I’m excited but a little bit nervous because this is the first time she will see my place. Technically in person as I have posted many pictures on Facebook. As I sit here typing I am surrounded by boxes of gifts for friends. I will admit I got a little carried away this year but I was in the spirit so I went with it.
I did have a moment Sunday night when I was looking at my parents names on the tree. I bought my Mom an ornament that is a frame and I put a picture of us kids in it.
Growing up we always got dressed up for Christmas. A lot of other people would be in their pjs we weren’t allowed. One year when Christmas was on Sunday I wore a purple sequinned top and sweater. A lady thought I was really dressed up. Most people wear their Christmas sweaters. Janet did have red socks with bells on them. Dad called them her jingle bell socks. He’d say “Janet’s coming”.

The mouse I got in memory of Janet. I was looking in the window and the owner let me in early. Many times this year I have had signs from my family and I know this was one. He didn’t have to let me in the store and they just happened to be selling mice ornaments…next to ornaments that said GREATEST MOM. Its their way of saying we are proud of your for keeping our memories alive on the tree so we will give you reminders.


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