Interesting that almost a week before Christmas the word for today is maddening. Living in a house inevitably something broke just before Christmas. One year my Mom had bladder repair surgery and my brother ordered a new dishwasher for us and it was installed one day before Mom was released. My brother had a cold so that was not a fun Christmas! One year I had to get a replacement cord for my modem.
When I finished putting up the tree I had a branch leftover…that’s maddening. It’s probably one at the back so I didn’t worry about it. Jillian Harris who is half of the duo who host Love it or List it Vancouver wrote as her status who decorates the entire tree or only does the front. Yeah that would be me. If I decorated the whole tree I would need another box of ornaments. As I’m decorating I realize there are things that I could use. Some Christmas hand towels for guests and some ribbon for the tree to fill it out. My Dad didn’t like garland or ribbon. But as my friend said “baby steps” in other words it takes time.
Yesterday the water was turned off in the building shortly after 9. Maddening because I was planning on cleaning the bathroom but can’t do it without water. I also needed to do a load of towels but they could wait. Luckily I keep a bottle of water in the fridge.
Wednesday night I was watching Murdoch Mysteries On Demand. I noticed that it was 2 hours when I flipped to it on Monday. The maddening thing was that it only showed half of it. Yesterday I thought “ok, no problem I’ll watch it online”…same thing happened. So I ended up downloading it but it took forever. But I FINALLY found out who did stole the presents. And I was right! Really liked how they promoted the Salvation Army in it too. Such a sweet episode.
For the most part I feel “ready” for Christmas but I have misplaced my tree skirt. I remember packing it. The angel for the top of the tree would be with it.
2015 was a maddening year. Dealing with taxes is maddening at any time but especially when dealing with an estate. I think about how the year is ending with the blessings of friendship. A gift in the mail, coffee with a friend and a visit from another friend.


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