Christmas past

Christmas 2008 was special. The first weekend in December we all went to have our portrait taken at my church. The men were “moody” because we had to wait a long time because they were running behind. My brother didn’t see the need since we would be getting photos at their wedding the following August. But I knew that with my Dad having cancer anything could happen.

We went back to the house to trim the tree. As I wrote the other day they did it really fast. They didn’t get thatnthere was supposed to be an order to it. When we were finished the kids went off to the mall. I didn’t need anything but Dad volunteered me to go with them. I remember we had roast pork, squash and rice for dinner. My brothers fiancé didn’t like squash or pumpkin but I think we had salad too. And of course we had squares for dessert.

I invited a friend that was going to be alone for Christmas. We all got want we wanted for Christmas. My Dad got a new watch, my Mom got a new microwave and I got an e-reader. But what I really got was the wonderful feeling of family. Dad fell asleep in the chair after dinner and we all played board games. The memory of the day was so special for Mom and I because the following July we would lose him to cancer. We were glad that we didn’t know that his cancer had returned because it would have made the day different.

The following year Mom and I went on a cruise for Christmas. It kind of felt like running away for both of us. We both had a wonderful time but we realized this wasn’t really our idea of spending Christmas.

I think this time of year brings about so much stress because we want everything to be perfect. The house is a mess, someone is sick, haven’t finished shopping. But somehow on Christmas morning none of that matters. If you have someone to share the day with be thankful.

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