Christmas fun

Last night I met a public school friend and her partner for dinner at 5. If you’re wondering where we went…the usual place. When I got there the waiter said my party had already arrived and were in the drawing room. I have been there many times but didn’t know that is what it is called. I was actually nervous about the evening because I hadn’t seen her for 9 years although we talk regularly on Facebook but I hadn’t met her partner. I shouldn’t have been worried because he must be a nice guy if he’s with her. She gets up to give me a hug and I waited for him to make the first move. Never know if people are huggers or not so we just shook hands.
When we sat down one of the waitresses came over and said nice to see you again so my friend leaned over and said “does everyone know you?” Yep, pretty much. After he took our order she passed over my presents. I opened the card first although I knew I should have waited until I got home because it always makes me cry and I forgot to put Kleenex in my purse. There is a picture of Janet, her and me and we are all hugging. She said it’s because she could give me a hug in person.
After they had finished their soups I handed her one of her gifts. I made her a photo book with pictures of my visit to her in Vancouver. She said “this is the best gift ever!” I love seeing people’s faces when they open a perfect gift. Since I will be sharing this post with her I will write here that this is the first year since my Dad died that I have had any Christmas spririt. That’s why I got carried away with gifts because I wanted to share it with people I love.
We took a cab back to my place but made a detour to the park to see the lights. I guess I hadn’t been because I didn’t want to go by myself. We stopped at the angel tree. I knew what it was for but had never stopped to look at the pictures on it. And so many butterflies. My friend saw two butterflies on top of Janet’s grave and they have special significance to a family member too. We wandered around and I saw the Santa House. No line at all so I asked if we could do it. I could tell she wasn’t so sure but it now has a place on my bookcase. We took a few more pictures posing in front of Santa and his reindeer and the snowmen.
We walked back to my place so they could call a cab so I asked if they wanted to come up and see it. Thankfully I was supposed to have company today so the place was clean. I could give her complete tour as my bedroom looks like something exploded inward. She did agree with me it needs more art.
A evening filled with much needed laughter.


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