The day after Christmas

This has really been a fabulous week. Yesterday I woke up, had breakfast and just hung up in my pjs until 11 when I had a shower and changed to go to a friend’s house for Christmas. It was the first year that I didn’t feel the overwhelming sadness. I miss my family everyday but I think it was different being in my own place. I wasn’t surrounded by the memories of Christmas past.
I couldn’t wait for my friend to open her gift. Although I put on the card for both because it’s a gift for the house. My friend posted a photo on Facebook of her Willow Tree nativity scene but she was minus the wise men. I thought perfect that’s what I will get her. It took 10 days to mail from the States and I was worried it wouldn’t get here on time. The look on her face when she opened it was priceless. It’s my favourite part of Christmas is seeing the look on people’s faces when they open the perfect gift. I don’t have anyone to buy for so I went a little overboard this year. My friend got me a decorative plate that says “the super girl cape is in the laundry you’ll just have to take my word for it”. It made me smile because it’s SO ME. It’s a little bit cheeky too. It acknowledges what I have had to overcome this past year but I did it.
I’ve learned the hard way that life is short. For me it’s all about making the memories. Going out to a fancy restaurant with a friend I hadn’t seen for 9 years, having our picture taken with Santa, buying a gift for someone that has done a lot for me. The gift of friendship is beyond measure.
Yesterday I picked up my mail that I forgot to get on Friday. I got a letter from a twin friend and a card from a college friend. When I saw the envelope I had a feeling we did it again…we bought each other the same card! That’s how in sync we are! Her gift is still under the tree.
Retreat is a good word for today because I plan on having a quiet day to read the book I purchased for myself. I also need to do laundry.
Tomorrow I’m going for coffee with Uncle and Wednesday I’m meeting a friend that was sick last week. I also did some Boxing Day shopping in my pjs. I need some new slippers and they were reduced to less than 10 dollars. I like bootie slippers they are so comfortable. Santa may bring pjs to kids but this girl has to buy her own.


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