An Ordinary Day

Yesterday I had groceries delivered. A new guy but really friendly. Asked how my Christmas was and if I had plans for New Years. I’ve never seen the big deal about New Years. I think it’s more of a couple thing. Today I’m catching up on laundry and cleaning my bedroom. I had to laugh at a friend when we were comparing how bad our rooms were so she took a picture on her cell. I kiddingly told her ok you win! Last night I was reading a Debbie Macomber book that I bought myself for Christmas. I like to read a book over Christmas because all the shows are in reruns until next week. It’s the last book in the Rose Harbor Inn series.
The superintendent took down the decorations on Wednesday. It made me feel a little sad. We always kept them up until after my Dad’s birthday on January 5. Sometimes we would have his siblings over for cake and ice cream so it was a decoration. But the day after we had to take it down. I’m not sure when I’m going to take my tree down. It always make me feel sad because then it’s officially over. Although Christmas was very busy (social) so I’m glad to be able to have a quiet day today.
There aren’t any writing classes until the spring. Last year she had what she called coffee chats once a month so I’m hoping she will again. I’m looking forward to the New Year now that things are settled. On Wednesday my friend handed me my Christmas card and in it she wrote “dare we say it?”. We both laughed. She has written in my card the past few years “here’s hoping the New Year is better” and it never is. This year started out with an enormous amount of stress. Daily emails from the co-executor and then the stress of cleaning out the house. The last 4 months were great because I got to hang out with friends. I had things to look forward to. My memory for today on Facebook was of our cruise that we took 7 years ago. It’s time to plan another vacation!

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