Resilient photo challenge

I am not one to toot my own horn but when I saw the word for this week I knew it describes me. An ability to bounce back from difficulties…yep that’s me.
The year started out with an enormous about of stress dealing with paperwork for the estate, taxes, sorting through stuff in the house and looking for a place to live. All the while doing it entirely on my own. As I told a friend at Christmas I also had to deal with a lot of people who didn’t think I was capable because I was a girl…including family members. I was so frustrated because I couldn’t find an apartment that I liked and I felt the pressure of knowing that I had to find one as soon as possible so we could sell the house.
The hardest part was knowing that people my age hadn’t had to deal with this yet. I just knew that I had to be ruthless when I was sorting.
The great thing about living in an apartment is I no longer have the responsibility of caring for a house. This year I’ve also had to roll with the punches. Things didn’t work out exactly as planned but once I moved I felt this great weight lifted off.
As tough as I have had to be there are things that have happened that will remain with me. I have been introduced by Christian people by how my twin died. I’ve come to realize that those people will never see past my losses. I am more than that and THEY are more than that but I’m also done trying to change people’s opinions. I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work. I’ve decided to walk away from environments that aren’t good for me.
I don’t know where my strength came from. I learned a lot this past year. I also had a wonderful Christmas because I chose to find the joy in the season.
I’m looking forward to the new year because it’s full of possibilities.


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