Taking down Christmas decorations

This morning I went grocery shopping. Amazing how much stuff I could get when I just got food last Thursday. The “interior” of my freezer is very full now. They had frozen vegetables 2/5 and It’s something I always try to have on hand in the wintertime. They also had pork loins on sale…pulled pork sandwiches. I always have crackers on hand for snacks.
Yesterday I made taco soup for lunch. Some went in freezer and I will have another bowl tomorrow. Because it had taco seasoning in it my kitchen smelled spicy so I put a candle on. Growing up we never had candles but the scent was nice.
As the title says I’m taking down my decorations. When I got the box of books out I realized that it would have been helpful if I took a picture of my bookcase before I took everything off so I knew what went where. But I figured it out. I have boxes from Christmas presents that I ordered online that need to go out but unfortunately the bins are both overflowing. Right now they are stored in the guest room. My living room is a complete disaster at the moment as I’m sorting. I’m so thankful for plenty of storage in my apartment because it’s just a matter of putting things back in their place.
As I was putting the stuff away I was thinking how many people decorate to music what is the proper “undecorating” music?
It always makes me a little sad when I take down the tree. It’s all over. At least I have lots of pictures to remember my fabulous Christmas.
Last year at this time I was doing the Peter Walsh decluttering challenge. The only thing I know that I have to do is organize my office. A drawer for stationary and stamps, scissors and tape. File folders for bank stuff. I now know what he meant when he would say everything should have a place. I no longer have to hunt for stuff because I know where it is.
Remember the scene where Jane and Michael are cleaning the nursery with a snap. where is Mary Poppins when you need her?


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