Things that are gone
1. The ability to eat whatever I want. At 42 I can no longer eat fast food, too much cheese, hot dogs.
2. Mail. I’m glad that I still got some Christmas cards this year. Getting a package is really special.
3. Values. The need to RSVP, a thank you note.
The value of money. Maybe it was more obvious at
Christmas but I wonder how kids today will ever understand the value of a dollar. We are a cashless society. They’ll never know about having to bring home change.
4. Trust. I’m trusting of people I know really well

Things I wish were gone
1. How people at the bank treat people with money. I wish everyone was treated the same. It’s just good customer service
2. Guilt. I’m working on this one!
3. How groups that are supposed to help people end up having the hierarchy of junior high…the loners, the rich kids, the smokers. Mom and I ended up leaving the bereavement group we attended because it was becoming too social.
4. The need to come up with a reason for bad things happening. The word “curse” needs to be stricken from our vocabulary in relation to death. I was listening to the radio yesterday and they were talking about all the people that died in 2016. Every persons life has value. My sister died as a result of an accident. I was BLESSED to be her sister and still am. Dad had cancer. It sucks. But I also chose to spend that time telling him I loved him.

My family is not gone because they all live on in me.

2 thoughts on “GONE

  1. I really like how you set this up. I too am beyond the years of being able to eat whatever I want. It was sad when I realized it. As for cashless society – I’m trying to think this one through at the moment as it relates to my kids and teaching about money. Regarding your loved ones – agreed. They live on in us.

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