The first word that came to mind when I thought of a superpower was LOVE . When we are sick someone takes care of us. The love of our parents. The unconditional love of my twin.
I’m a giver which means often the needs of someone else come before my own. I took care of my parents because I loved them. But at the same time love hurts because I knew that I was going to lose them. Love is a powerful thing because for my Dad when he had to go back to the hospital he wanted me to sit beside his bed and hold his hand. Neither of us had the words to say but a touch was all we needed.
“Grief is love turned into an eternal missing”. It’s the price we pay for love. We don’t stop loving them.
Hugs have the power to make me feel better. When we first went to church there was a young woman who greeted on our door. We would see her every week but she hugged like she hadn’t seen you in years. The sexton also gave great bear hugs. After Janet died he didn’t know what to say so he just gave me a hug. Of course this list wouldn’t be complete without my other church friend who makes sure she goes around and hugs EVERYONE.
My friend CB is very much like me and is a sensitive soul. The love of friends is special. My friend is leaving to go back to Australia and I cried because I will miss her. She brought so much joy to my Christmas this year. Friends that are like family…that’s love.


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