Today is my Dad’s birthday. He would be 84 today. After he died Mom and I would have a special meal to go honour him. Usually he requested roast beef and he HAD to have chocolate cake. The thing about his birthday being so close to Christmas is by the time it comes we are so sick of having big meals that it’s an effort to do it for him. He always thought he got jipped but he did alright. He wouldn’t get a gift but we always got him a card. His younger brother would phone him and the first birthday after he died he actually went to pick up the phone and realized he couldn’t phone him anymore.
This is one of my favourite pictures of us. In later years Dad didn’t really like his picture taken.
My Dad had a really good memory and could tell stories of when he was young. He could rhyme off limericks he learned…many couldn’t be repeated in polite company. When he met my brothers girlfriend for the first time we told him that he was only allowed 2 jokes well once Dad gets on a roll there is no stopping him. And of course she just laughed more at us groaning at him.
Growing up my Dad was very strict. If we wanted permission for something we went to Mom. If we wanted money we had to go to Dad but it was like pulling teeth…how much and what is it for. I think it was probably because he grew up with little that he was very careful with his money. But in later years he would treat us more often.
My Dad LOVED chocolate and his favourite was an Oh Henry bar. Although he always got a box of turtles for Christmas. When he had cancer he couldn’t stand the taste of chocolate. Cancer took away everything he loved…eating a big steak and gardening.
There was nothing my Dad loved more than to garden. He never wore gloves because it was about getting his hands in the dirt. I helped him but Janet got more joy out of it than I did. Often we would sit outside with a glass of iced tea and just listen to the birds.
Happy Birthday Dad I miss you.

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