I know Dad is laughing

Yesterday when I was going to go down to check for mail I found a note on my door that they were replacing all the lightbulbs in my apartment and the areas had to be clear for them to come in. The note said they would be coming around between 12:30 and 4:30 and it was already 12:40. I said a few curse words and furiously cleaned off counter in kitchen and swept floor. Bathrooms are good but I did have to put my pile of clean clothes in the storage room for the time being.
After they left I thought about how it reminded me of when my Dad would put the screens on in our bedrooms. He kind of learned that he needed to give us warning so that there would be a path to the window. Mine usually wasn’t that bad but Janet wasn’t as neat as I was. Probably about a year after my Dad died I had a dream that my Dad was standing in my doorway in the morning…I was still in bed…and he told me to clean my room. The funny thing was in my dream I knew he was dead but after breakfast I still cleaned my room!
Since yesterday was his birthday I just knew he was up in heaven smiling at me. I love when they manage to give me a little wink to say…yeah that was me.


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