This is actually the theme for the photo challenge but as I walking through my apartment yesterday cleaning I was amazed at how many names I came across.
There is the name of the store which I bought some clothes from. When I do dishes there is the name of the dishwashing detergent (I use the pods) that I use. Shampoo, shower gel, cleaning products. Tim Hortons coffee. Keurig coffee maker.
This also works with specific because I have someone doing my shopping for me. It made me realize that pretty much everything I buy is a name brand. My Mom always believed that you get what you pay for. i found out the hard way that buying the cheap brand of garbage bags doesn’t save you any money if you have to use 2!
Being specific also refers to giving someone directions. For my house I would use buildings as a source of reference. Turn left at Pizza Hut if you were coming from the south end, turn left at the drug store coming from the north. If I’m not really familiar with an area it’s harder.
Of course this post wouldn’t be complete without me talking about my name. When I was born it was a very popular name. The last time I went to the Dr the nurse called my name and another person got up too. It’s happened before! When we were in college we had issues with it because Janet and I both have the same initials JR. The registrars office had such a problem with it. When we had our wisdom teeth taken out the woman on the desk thought I already had it done.
Growing up we weren’t known by our names. We were known as J and J or “the girls”.


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