Twin bond

Christmas 1976
I posted the picture of us with Dad on Facebook a week ago in honour of his birthday. When I was looking at it I noticed how I have my arm around Janet. If you’re wondering my Mom told me who is who in the photo! In the other photo we are a year and a half old. I thought we were older then I realized that this is at my grandparents house and they had moved into apartment by the time my brother was born. In this one Janet has her arm around me and yes I can tell who is who in this one…that’s Janet’s smile. In both of these photos is obviously instinctual. We are about 9 months old with Dad. Some days I can look at photos and they make me smile and somedays I miss her so much.
My friend has been drawing a photo in my Christmas card since 2008. Every photo that she draws we all have our arm around each other. Again she instinctively knew that’s the way she should draw it. She understands the bond I have with Janet.
I have boxes of sympathy cards for each family member. As I’ve written before the thing that she is remembered for is her smile that lights up at room and her laugh. My Dad is remembered for his gardening and Mom was admired for her strength. Even though this blog is digital they are remembered here.
I don’t have very much of my Dads handwriting but I kept his very ratty gardening book because it does. It’s held together by elastics. Mom used her box from Garbers as a Christmas decoration box and she wrote on the side that’s what it is.
I found a box of old letters from Moms great aunt. They were interesting reading but I didn’t know what to do with them. It’s why I keep all the cards from my friend because I treasure them. It’s a lost art.


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