Someday is a word we don’t like to think about. The thing that came to mind was talking to my cousin at my Dads funeral. Dads siblings sat in the row beside us. She sat looking at them thinking “that will be me someday”. We all know it but we are scared of the idea. Nothing ever prepares you for “someday”
If someone told me that I would miss my Dad’s jokes I would have laughed. Or that someday I wouldn’t go for walks with Janet or go for coffee with Mom. The other day I so wanted to ask Moms advice about something.
When I was looking after my Moms estate people would tell me soon it will be all over. But that is the wrong terminology because it’s just beginning. I had to learn how to be ok with being alone. I had to learn to cook for one.
Someday is kind of like the word maybe. I have kept my Moms wedding dress so that I can pass it down to my niece “someday”. Do I know that day will come…no. Some of the things that we think we will do someday don’t happen. My Mom didn’t get to Alaska but she accomplished a lot. janet and I always planned on going to Vancouver so my friend made that a reality for me.
Right now I’m just living for today.

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