This is the theme for the photo challenge this week. I’m pondering what picture to use but it made me think of the ambience of people’s homes.
Growing up my Grandma had a corner table with items on it that were fragile. Apparently when we were little we were fascinated by it. She would tell us “No, no that’s Grandmas don’t touch” and we didn’t. Even though they lived in an apartment their place was cozy. They lived in the den. The couch was green and kind of an itchy fabric. They had wood panelling which is surprising for an apartment. Grandma did her sewing in this room. Interesting that she did it in the room where the main tv was but I guess it didn’t bother her. They had pictures galore on the shelves of us and their honorary grandkids. The living room was really only used for company but it was lived in too. They had a record player, a small tv and the dining table was at one end of the living room.
It’s interesting how many family members had a separate room for guests. Dad’s younger brother had what we called “the parlour”. It had gold EVERYWHERE and much more formal seating. I much preferred the family room. Dad’s eldest sister had the same thing. We hung out in the…well I’m not really sure what I would call the room…a den I suppose. It’s a little room off of the kitchen. She had a parlour too with French doors. It was full of artwork…mostly abstract. I never felt comfortable in this room. I always felt like I had to sit up straighter. But I remember growing up thinking that it didn’t have any of her husbands touch on it. I think he just gave her free rein and he just paid.
Our house didn’t have a separate entertaining area. Mom used to say we “lived” in our living room. It’s funny though how when we have company we make it look like nobody lives there. We take away all the magazines, books that would be on the side tables. In the summertime we always sat outside. Since we lived next to an apartment the ambience depended on the day. It was our favourite room in the house. I loved sitting outside just listening to the birds.
I’m not sure what the ambience of my apartment is. It’s modern but it isn’t finished yet. Once I put up the bookcase it gave it more of my personality. A friend said my bedroom is peaceful. To me it’s a little sparse. It needs something that says this is my room. My Christmas tree is eclectic but I also realized that it’s a friendship tree because I’ve gotten some new ones from friends.
The first thing you see when you enter my apartment is the picture of my family. I knew when I saw the apartment that the picture would go in the front entry. It’s my place but there are reminders of them.


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