Not only does this plate look beautiful it tasted even better. It’s lobster mashed potatoes…so divine! The desserts at this restaurant are almost too pretty to eat…almost.
I love watching the cooking channel. A lot of it is food that I couldn’t eat anyway but there is nothing like the look of a golden turkey or a perfect apple pie. Right now I’m watching a free preview of the Cooking Channel. I really enjoy Dinner at Tiffani’s because it’s fun. She’s the only person that wears an apron and by the end of the show it is covered in flour. She seems so natural. I also like Tia Mowry but sometimes she’s a little loud but her recipes seem fairly healthy.
As much as I love watching cooking shows I’m not very adventurous myself. I am looking forward to the spring and going to the farmers market. It’s a chance to try new things. I like beets but it’s not something I’ve had for a while. I like getting fresh fruit in the summer. Mmm strawberries.
We had good plates that we brought out for special occasions. I didn’t keep them because it was a set of 8. When my grandfather died we had to divide all the stuff between the grandchildren. Janet got the Candleholder. It was silver and had a place for 2 candles. That also went to goodwill because I just couldn’t see myself ever using it. I don’t remember my grandmother ever using it either. I think we liked “the idea” of it. Imagining this equisite dinner by candlelight.
Friday I treated myself to a big breakfast after having to fast for bloodwork. It was a place that I went to with my grandparents and my Mom would often take me after bloodwork. It’s not the same eating alone. It is not gourmet but I polished off the whole plate.


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