People who make me laugh

The Greatest _______ in the World
Last Friday I had to go for fasting bloodwork for a Dr appointment next week. 4 pokes in order to get it and my bruise is turning a lovely shade of green. I also have to do something else in preparation too. I have not been a happy camper.
Tuesday is my grocery delivery day. I have had assistants but today I got my usual guy. He comes in and always says good morning and is so cheerful. When he asked how I am I said that I will be glad when January is over. We talked about our ailments and how we turn into bears when we are hungry.
I can’t get out of the building without passing my superintendent. He reminds me so much of my Dad as he likes to tease me. He does it with everyone.
I was watching a segment on The Marilyn Dennis show around Christmas time about a self cleaning toilet. I sent a text to my friend and she is laughing out loud in the mall. Last year around this time she developed a pain in her foot so I sent her an email that I would trade her the pain in the foot for the pain in the “butt”. She sent me 5 😂.
My sisters job was to make me laugh. Even when I would be annoyed with her she would put her face right up to my face and then I would laugh. See you’re laughing you can’t be mad. No I’m mad. Often we would get in trouble in church for laughing when we weren’t supposed to.
Laughter just makes a day better. Friends that make me laugh are special.


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