Greatest things

The Discover Challenge was to write about the greatest thing in the world so it made me think of all the things that are great.
1. A really good haircut.
2. A clean Apartment
3. Freshly laundered sheets
4. A good book except when I get to the end…then it’s finished
5. The smell of coffee in the morning
6. Dinner shared with a friend
7. Packages in the mail
8. Naps
9. Hugs.
10. The biscuits at Red Lobster and the bread at idlewyld
11. Steak
12. Puppies
13. A full fridge. Not so great when it’s almost empty
14. I think my friends are pretty great!


2 thoughts on “Greatest things

  1. Great list! I think I agree with all of it — except I’ve never had the bread at Idlewyld. If it’s as good as the biscuits at Red Lobster, though, then I’m on board.

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