Memories in a recipe box

Last year I did Peter Walshs decluttering challenge. Although living in an apartment I no longer need to do it I still look at it because his videos are funny and the comments are funny too.
Today’s is to go through cookbooks. Oh goodness this is something I have been meaning to do to find healthy recipes and see which books I know I will no longer use. I don’t have many and I have them on the top shelf above the sink. But in his video he was flipping through recipes that he has printed out…his Moms plum pudding and sea salt caramel. It’s interesting how recipes can bring about so many memories. Someone once commented it’s because smells evoke emotions. At the end of the video he said to take a picture of a favourite recipe. I kept my Moms recipe box because it has recipes from my grandma, my aunts, Mom. I know that its unlikely I will be making the layered salad or date squares but it’s recipes that have their handwriting. I made date squares a couple of times. It was rare that I did it myself because Mom always made them. My job was to cut up the dates. She had scissors that she used but I could only do so many before I had to rinse them off because they got really sticky. When I made them mine wouldn’t look as nice as Moms. Mine were more marbeled instead of with the layers separated. But they still taste good. Once Mom went to her seniors group at church and one woman brought in date squares for snack because they were her specialty so Mom got to bring home a couple for me. Every week I would ask what they had. If I found out she had these and didn’t bring any home for me she was in big trouble.
I made my Aunts pumpkin loaf for a church bazaar. The recipe called for raisins but we didn’t have any so I substituted dates.
My grandmother was a good cook and made excellent pies. The pastry skills skipped a generation. Mine isn’t always pretty though. I don’t crimp the pie crust I just use a fork. Sometimes that was Janet’s job and then I would wipe down the counter. I must be the messiest pie maker because I have it all over the counter, usually on the floor and all over my apron. I consider it a good day when I only have it on the counter.
There are some things that I’ve made often enough I don’t need a recipe. I once watched Martha Stewart cut her bread for stuffing into one inch cubes. Who cares IT’S STUFFING! That was my job to break up the bread ends for stuffing. We had a recipe that used cranberries. Eventually we changed to apples.
My brother and my Dad were the ones where we knew if we did a good job or not on a new recipe. If they had seconds it was a keeper.
The last time I went out for coffee with my uncle he mentioned about an Italian restaurant near me. He said he usually gets lasagn because there are some recipes you can cook for one but that isn’t one of them. So true! It was something we always made when my brother came home from university. It made nine pieces and he ate three!
My grandma made the best mac and cheese it was so creamy.
That’s the great thing about recipes they are just ingredients until you add love!

2 thoughts on “Memories in a recipe box

  1. You made an excellent point — “That’s the great thing about recipes they are just ingredients until you add love!” I get recipes from my mom but the food does not taste as good when I cook it for myself. 🙂

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