When Donald Trump got elected I was hoping that all the divisiveness would die down. I was going to write “better” but that amount of anger has to go somewhere. Yesterday there were many marches for women’s rights all over the world including in my city. I read some of the comments on the news site and it was downright hateful and it wasn’t just men.
While I don’t consider myself a feminist I do know that it scares me to live in a world where the leader of the US embodies everything that I fought against. I was raised in a family where men had all the power. I was bullied by men in my family. When I was dealing with Moms estate I came across so many people who thought my brother was handing the money stuff because he was a guy and university educated. It’s 2017 for goodness sake. Half of marriages end in divorce. Women have to be self sufficient.
My friend is afraid to travel to the states with her husband because of his ethnic origin despite the fact he was born in Canada. That just isn’t right. I remember sitting in the library watching the inauguration of Barack Obama and how proud people felt. I didn’t feel that on Friday.
I truly hope things get better. I want to my nieces and my friends kids to grow up to believe they can do whatever they want. That they will be treated the same regardless of their skin colour or sex.
I want to believe there is always HOPE.

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