Yesterday I had a Dr appointment at a hospital. Because I get my lab results online now I can be more prepared for when I go…ask questions. Some of my levels are up which affect other levels. This Dr was also Moms Dr when she was in the hospital. In the course of conversation we got talking about Mom and I started to cry. January has not been an easy month for me and I think it all just built up. Grief is funny that way because there doesn’t have to be a reason or a date it just comes.

After I was finished I took a cab to a coffee shop near me. If I take the bus the route goes past the house I grew up in and I couldn’t handle that too. I brought my IPad so I could write my blog. When I went to log in I could only come up with one where you needed a password. The person working there said no it says guest. Had no idea what I was talking about so I just drank my coffee. When I was getting my coat on she said that they forgot to plug in the wifi. Their customer service is not great but it’s a quiet place to write and a five minute walk to where I live. But let’s just say the day was not getting off well.

The flowers in this blog I purchased at a flower shop that is on the corner of where I live. I walked in a couldn’t really decide what I wanted but I always get gerbera. Usually I get 6 but I decided to get 12 because it makes a bigger bouquet. The really neat thing is the one flower is red AND yellow. My friend called it HEAVEN’S MAGIC. Yellow is my favourite colour and red is Janet’s. When I was waiting for her to make up the bouquet I stood there and just took a big sniff in. It smelled like my Dad’s garden. It smelled like spring.

I emailed my former neighbour and she said we all should buy ourselves flowers once in a while. The wife of a cousin of my Mom wrote that those would brighten up a gloomy day. They really do. They make me smile.

One thought on “Reminders

  1. Hi love. Love picture of flowers,,,,,there’s nothing that brighten my day than flowers too, Yours are just beautiful. Just enjoy every minute of them. Love u xxx

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