Not simple

Yesterday I was looking up the bus route for a friend from out of town. I had used it to go to the hospital but wasn’t sure exactly where the stop was for where she wanted to go. Because I googled it I saw that the one bus only comes every half and hour. I thought “wow, when did that happen?” It’s the only route that goes directly to Victoria Hospital and Parkwood. Luckily she can also take one that comes every 15 minutes. Fairly simple for me but not so for someone that doesn’t live here.

Last night I was watching the news and they had a segment on LRT or rapid buses. Honestly I can’t remember which one is in the running (no pun intended). The mayor and whoever is on the transit board was meeting with the governors of the University. A bunch of old guys who have probably never taken the bus in their life is going to decide something that will have an impact on students. Apparently there was a consultation process but it’s never obvious how much that is. And there were “conditions” to them agreeing to it. The mayor called them situations and someone else called them “points”. The guy that was reporting the story could barely keep a straight face.

Janet and I both took the bus to college. We would usually take one and then transfer downtown. Thankfully we left early enough that if the bus was full we would wait for the next one. If I have to go for a Dr appointment between 9 and 10 I take a cab because the bus is full of university students.

I remember a guy on council that did an experiment to see if he could get around during the day by bus. Because they had a late night meeting he actually had to get a fellow councillor to drive him home because it didn’t run that late. But I admired him for seeing for himself that it isn’t really easy getting around depending on what area of the city you live in.

I really wish people in authority would think about the things that would make life easier for people. A grocery store downtown, a department store would be helpful too. I’m thankful that I have the means to have groceries delivered or I can order stuff online. Not everyone does.


One thought on “Not simple

  1. With all the griping we do about our public transportation system in NYC, Rose, I feel very fortunate to live in a city where I have so many options to get from here to there quickly and, when planned well, relatively inexpensively. 😉 xoM

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