It’s pretty obvious I like yellow. I was thinking the other day how our jumpers were made in yellow and red. We were 4 so my grandma must have picked out the colours. Did we gravitate to them naturally? I know it later years when we picked out our own clothes we still wore the colours. One would think because we were twins we could wear the same colours but I don’t look good in red. Janet could wear gold but not a canary yellow. She was more warm tones and I would be more cool tones.
When I was really little my room was painted light yellow with yellow curtains with white kittens on them.

When I redid my room I picked out a paint chip that is called “yellow raincoat”. My friend teased me that it’s school bus yellow. I remember when I was having the room measured for new carpet and the guy told me “so many people are afraid of colour. I like it”. I told my twin friends that I lived in a world of grey at the time after losing my twin and my Dad that I didn’t want my room to be. It reminded me of the colour of a sunrise. Even on the cloudiest days it was still sunny in my room.

The quilt on the bed is one I bid on at an auction at a Twinless twin conference. I saw it on the wall the first day and knew I had to have it. There was a moment when I thought am I crazy to bid on this but I knew I would regret it if I didn’t. When I got it home I noticed that it has my favourite colours yellow and purple and Janet’s red and hunter green. It really was meant to be. It’s now hanging on a wall in my living room.

Yellow is a happy colour. Daffodils, rubber duckies, smiley faces. It’s the colour of the sun (although I haven’t seen it for a long time!)


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